Best Day at School Ever! Beat Making Workshop and it was all because of #HipHopEd

Today had to have been one of my all time favourite days at school.  Today’s Future Sound from Oakland, California teamed up with Toronto Beat Engineer Classic Roots to do a workshop at my school.  It was HIP HOP EDUCATION in action!!! It was phenomenal to see students engaged, learning and enjoying school.  Some of them were natural talents and learned within seconds and others had practice under their belt and amazed the instructors.  We stayed from 3 PM to 6:30 PM and the kids didn’t want to leave.

This amazing partnership would only be possible because the instructors and the school teacher (me) are connected by #HipHopEd.  It was over Twitter and the #HipHopEd chat I met Dr. Elliot Gann of Today’s Future Sound and through hosting our own #HipHopEdTO event in Toronto, Classic Roots was brought into the picture.  It is great people like Classic Roots and Dr Elliot Gann that work in the community, with schools to make a difference in these young peoples’ lives.

Had to blur the faces out as I can’t post pics of my students so it looks creepy but pretend they have super engaged faces which they actually did during the presentation.  Thank you Today’s Future Sound and Classic Roots for an amazing workshop and introduction to beat making!

Today’s Future Sound:

Classic Roots:










3 responses to “Best Day at School Ever! Beat Making Workshop and it was all because of #HipHopEd”

  1. Kate Klingensmith says :

    Great work, Mr. Zoras and Today’s Future Sound. The work you’re doing is SO RELEVANT and SO IMPORTANT!!

    • Mr. Zoras says :

      Thanks Kate! Yes it was great! I am hoping to start a program for next year. It is when a school feels like a community to all students is when I feel the school will allow all students to succeed

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