“If I was Gay I Would Think Hip Hop Hates Me” #HipHopEd


Dope track! I am glad he put it out there, it gets conversation started on an issue so prevalent in our schools and community.  The homophobic lyrics that plague many hip hop songs need to stop. I see it in school all the time, the messages being manifested into actions onto other youth because it was heard in a song.  When I confront students when they call someone gay or fag they often say it isn’t what they meant, and I ask what they meant to say and they say they meant to call them stupid or they just heard it in a song or they don’t like gay people cause their favourite artist doesn’t like gay people either.   We need other artist to jump on this boat and be an ally to LGBTQ youth and community.

Rap Genius Breaks it Down: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same Love…

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