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Collaborative Learning & Formative Assessment through Mirroring with AirServer & Notability

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For Google Doc Version of my Doc Click Here: Collaborative Learning & Formative Assessment


Using the AirPlay feature on the iPad/iPod/iPhone you are able to display the screen of the device onto a computer (mirroring).  If it’s a class set or one single device, you can make lessons more interactive by displaying students work on the projector, pass around the device and have the lesson more interactive.

In my class we use a MacBook, two class iPads and students’ own Apple devices, we are able to collaborate together on one screen through multiple devices.  (You can also use a PC) .   With Notability the work automatically syncs to iCloud and backs up as a PDF to our class website.  Students are able to access a copy of the selected notes from home that we took on Notability on the iPad.  The program AirServer is loaded onto my MacBook which allows me not only to mirror what is on the device screen but also record as well.

Evidence of Learning

Students share the iPads and we take up work, collaborate, play games and learn together.  We are able to work together on problems, collaborate on the same issues and get feedback from the teacher and peers.


Video Tutorial

Variations and Extensions

This can be used with a class set of iPads and a variety of Apple devices.  Other grades could use this in a variety of subjects and all grades with set up assistance from the teacher.

You can use the camera on the device as a document camera to share non-digital works.

Students requiring accommodations, mobility needs and visual impairments excel using this technology as they are able to share their work with the class and see the apps better.

You can also achieve this through an Apple TV if you do not have a desktop or laptop.

Considerations and Suggestions

This requires a Mac or PC that is connected to the same WIFI router OR create an ad-hoc network for devices to connect to from the Mac or connect to a PC.

Resources and Links

What I use:

AirServer –
Notability –

Other mirroring programs

Reflector –

Mirroring360 –

Other drawing programs

Evernote –

Penultimate –

Paper –

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