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Inquiry and Collaboration with Video Calls: VROC and Skype

Inquiry and Collaboration with Video Calls 

Using ClearSea with Virtual Researcher On Call, students were able to video call Scientists and people in STEM careers.  Students were able to ask questions and hear groundbreaking researching on STSE (Science, Technology, Society and Environment). ClearSea also allows your to share your screen, so researchers can show pictures, slides and videos.

A second application was using Skype to call a school in Kenya, Africa. As a class my science class discussed environmental sustainability, proposed new methods and policy, and collaborated with students from Kenya.

Collaboration and Inquiry are key components of the science curriculum.  Students reported they gained a better understanding of science knowledge, how to conduct inquiry, and cultural differences.  They liked VROC because they got to see current research not in textbooks and hear about possible post secondary and job opportunities. Skype allowed them to connect, share and learn from students around the world, which closed gaps and made them realize, they have more similarities than differences.

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Skype Session with Kenya 

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What is DLL?

The Digital Lead Learners Initiative is a Professional Learning Network of volunteer elementary and secondary teachers dedicated to supporting the curricular use of technology.

Our 2013-2014 Learning Goals are:

  • Build Capacity in each FOS through a sustainable professional learning model
  • Support TDSB and Ministry priorities through the curricular use of technology (i.e. ICT Standards, Blended Learning, Mobile Computing Strategy 2.0, Academic Workspace, Google Apps for Education)
  • Foster innovative educational technologies in TDSB classrooms

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