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International African Inventors (IAI) Museum visits Cedarbrae C.I.

What a great way to close the celebrations of African History month.  Although it should not be a closing point but an opening point that has opened the eyes and minds of students and teachers across the country.  My regular lesson was planned for the day on the atom and when I saw the museum being set up in the front lobby of our school I changed the plan and had all my classes take a 20 minute visit.  The objective was to find 2 inventors/scientists, what their contribution was and most importantly how has this shaped current products on a science, social, environmental or technological level.  The students got to see many scientists and inventors and without their contributions, many modern day products would not be the same or even exist.  Many of my students of African heritage described the exhibit as motivating and they felt proud.  Students of non-African heritage were intrigued at the range of contributions of products and technologies that they use each day and got to learn more about the history and the inventors.  This was an amazing example of connecting STSE education and the science course.

I first saw this museum when Signs of Science brought Dr. Ben Carson up from the United States to present in Etobicoke and thought it would be a great thing for all students to see.  They also have a section on African Americans contribution to space journey.  Students were able to see that many people like themselves are able to contribute to and invent great things.  I hope to see this push in the classroom for the rest of the semester and not limited to the month of February.

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