Connect 2013

Poster Session on Tuesday May 6th 2013

Inner City Science Education: Engaging Urban Boys In Science  (Brandon Zoras)

Implementing inquiry based labs, group learning and incorporating technology works well to keep students engaged and have meaningful learning experiences.  Having students work on community-based projects, for example greening a local area, studying pond water samples, viewing biodiversity in the community and then making a change is important.  Global collaboration is possible and tested this semester in my own class through learning circles, wikis and video conferencing with a school in Kenya.


Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 8.01.25 PM

Types of Technology Utilized:

Google – Drive, Docs, Forms

Twitter –

Facebook –

YouTube – 

Instagram –

Wikispaces –

Virtual Researcher On Call  (VROC) –

Global Teenager Project (GTP) –


4 Page Summary of Thesis

Click to access urban-science-education-brandon-zoras.pdf

Thesis Poster

Click to access brandon-zoras-poster1.pdf

Toronto Star Article – Low-Income Streaming

What does a scientist look like?

Skype Session Kenya

Toronto Zoo Phone Apes

94 Elements

Blood in the Mobile

Student Work

Google Docs Forms Survey

Research Informed Action Projects

STEPWISE – Prof. Larry Bencze

What I do with ICT – MindShare Learning Contest Entry

Virtual Researcher On Call – Reviews



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