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I am a teacher within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) as well as a graduate of Masters of Education in Urban Education at OISE/UT.

I am certified in Biology, Chemistry, and Science having completed my double major honours bachelors of science in Biochemistry and Psychology.

During my B.Ed. I was included in the Inner City Cohort option which looked at ways to improve learning experiences of underserved students within urban communities.

With a strong interest in Urban Ed. I applied for a Masters of Education, specifically to the Urban Education Cohort that stretched across three departments at OISE and part of the Centre for Urban Schooling at OISE (CUS).

My experiences at OISE have greatly affected my pedagogy, practice and stance within my classroom and across one of the largest school boards.

Having worked with the City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division, I have been part of summer camps, after school programs and training in the Scarborough area as well as the GTA.

Google Certified Educator Level 1 – completed July 31 2015 – GCE1Certificate

Google Certified Educator Level 2 – completed August 19 2015 – GCE2Certificate



2013 – Monarch Park C.I.
2011 – Cedarbrae C.I.
2010- Eastern Commerce C.I.
2009- Cedarbrae C.I.
2008/2009 Winston Churchill C.I. and Danforth Tech. (Student Teacher)

CN Tower Climb – United Way
Weight room supervisor
Coached Jr Boys B Basketball, Football (Eastern Commerce)


Urban Priority High School Committee (UPHS) – School level – TDSB 2015

Professional Learning Community Committee (PLC) – School Level – TDSB 2011-2015

Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) DI and a Technology  – Central Science –  TDSB – 2012-2015

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Brandon Zoras

Brandon Zoras


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