My Work

Below are samples of my work in the class, school board and higher ed

Technology and Science Lesson Plan:
Through a pilot with TDSB on online resource bank and a demo classroom.  I have taken a sample lesson, handout, instructional video all created by myself for incorporating technology into science lessons

Global Teenager Project:
Working globally with 8 other schools around the world, I extended the program to incorporate Skype to have a discussion with a school in Kenya on environmental sustainability.

How We Use Technology at Cedarbrae:
Myself and 2 members of our department put together list of ICT resources and short tutorials on how to use them.  This proposal was for the central committee for a mobile cart of laptops.

Africentric Science Program :
Working with the existing science curriculum to include the experiences, values, culture of the African-Canadian diaspora.

Nelson Digital Pilot:
Worked with Nelson to develop their online resource for Grade 11 Chemistry.

Collaborative Learning Communities – Using Technology to Deliver Differentiated Instruction (DI) in the Secondary Science Classroom

In this four-day module teachers will explore differentiated science instruction using various technologies. The goal of the workshop series is to introduce, explore and create lessons that facilitate musical, artistic, visual, poetic, and other leaning styles. Teachers will create lessons revolving around music and poetic writing, comic artistry, digital simulations and interactions, implement them in their own classroom and return with student work for moderated marking based on the Ministry Expectations and Growing Success Document. Participants will observe an Exploration Classroom that displays effective use of DI with technology. Programs will include Smart Notebook, Audacity, Explore Lea


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