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Global Collaboration – United Beyond our Diversity Through the Global Teenager Project #ECOO12

MORE INFO CLICK HERE –> http://lanyrd.com/2012/ecoo12/swbmw/ 

A session at ECOO Conference 2012

This presentation will highlight the use of digital learning circles and global collaboration on major world issues. Using a Wiki as a space to collaborate, students from around the world work in learning circles to, pose questions, investigate and publish answers at a global scale. The Global Teenager Project allows for highly engaging lessons that will link to the curriculum as well as the students own community. This session will provide examples of thematic learning circles grade 6- 12 and particularly highlight the journey a class of Senior students have taken. Participants will learn how to connect and start the program in their own class or school. The wiki will be shared, the research process and clips from web conferences made between a Toronto based school and a global partner from Kenya.

About the speakers

Science Teacher, TDSB,
OISE/UT M.Ed Urban Education

Anita Townsend
Global Educator, Education Consultant,
Former Principal of Program SCDSB

Educational Computing Organization of Ontario


Global Teenager Project Meeting: Using Wikis for Global Collaboration

After being part of the Global Teenager Project this semester I was able to meet with others in the project face to face and also the director of Mr Bob Hofman who flew all the way from the Netherlands (http://www.globalteenager.org/)

With the amount of technology we use and possibility of having virtual meetings it was nice to have a face to face meeting with the group.  Garfield Gini-Newman was also present discussing the importance of critical thinking and best practices in embedding them into the classroom.  The other teachers involved in the project discussed how they used the project to connect.

I really enjoyed the project as students worked on Environmental Sustainability as the main topic.  Students collaborated on their own wiki and we posted collectively on the global teenager project wiki (https://gtpenvironmentalsustainabilityfeb2012.pbworks.com/w/page/50830328/FrontPage).  We talked to schools from around the world by submitting critical questions and answering.  We learned from a global perspective how out activity affects other places in the world.  A big development was that we connected counties thousands of kilometers away to work on a common goal.  We used Skype to talk to talk to one of the schools in Kenya where we further discussed environmental sustainability.

Details of the meeting below.


Present at the workshop

Helen Raso – Bishop Strachan School
Stephanie Ratti – Redstone
Sally Loats
Brandon Zoras – Cedarbrae C.I., TDSB
Amy Scarpone and Sabrina Asti – Bruce Trail
Grant Davidson – ICT Consultant Haltton School Board
Garfield Gini-Newman – OISE
Anita Townsend – GTP Country Coordinator Canada
Bob Hofman – Executive Director GTP