When #HipHopEd meets Augmented Reality with Brainspace Magazine

A few months ago we hosted the Hip Hop STEMposium with some amazing workshops, keynotes, a film screening, a debate and a community town hall.

I met Nicky from Brainspace Magazine over the March Break as part of the ROM’s and MaRS Futurology program.  Her magazine concept is amazing! To combine traditional print magazine with augmented reality using the Blippar app on a smartphone or tablet.  I got to see ducks swim, dinosaurs come to life and professors explain math concepts right on the magazine pages through the app.

When I let her know about the Hip Hop STEMposium she thought it would be great to have an article come to life in her magazine.  The article layout looks amazing and when you use Blippar to scan the magazine, Dr Elliot Gann of Today’s Future Sound comes to life in a video of his beat making workshop!  Check out the article “The School of Rap”.

1) To see the magic come to life download the PDF sample of the magazine here: School of Rap Sample PDF

school of rap

2) Then download the Blippar app to your smartphone or tablet: https://blippar.com/en/

3) Scan the magazine pdf with the app and watch!

For more information on Hip Hop Education in Toronto see



If you would like more information on Brainspace Magazine http://www.brainspacemagazine.com/ or to subscribe click here: summer 2015 subscribe

brainspace flyer


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