FaceTime + Class + Your Dad = Learning Electroplating!

Grade 12 IB chemistry was pretty fun yesterday! We were learning about electroplating and thought why not try and text my dad and see if he is at work.  My dad has been an electroplater his whole life and the head plater at his work.  No sooner did we text him, we were FaceTiming from our phones and learning! I used AirServer to connect my phone to my MacBook so that the students could see and recorded the call in app with AirServer.  The recording didn’t get us speaking but my dad came in loud and clear.

He gave us a tour of the nickel, copper, silver and gold plating tanks.  It fit in so perfect with my lesson and really shows chemistry in action.  STEM education is important and you need to know a lot about chemistry to do this job.  From choosing the proper electrodes, and solutions to getting the amount of volts and timing right, the students got to see live plating.

Check out the video below of my Dad, Peter Zoras, showing my TDSB class how to do platting!

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 3.44.57 PM



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