Ways of Knowing – Digital Storytelling Lesson Plan #HipHopEd #IndigenousKnowledge

I had the great opportunity to work with Kurt Macintosh of OISE and formally TDSB on a great project using indigenous knowledge. My students had a great time with the project and attached is the lesson plan below.

Lesson Plan: Ways of Knowing Project


Stories have been passed on from generation to generation through various media.  Vocal stories must be passed on while other forms are archived within books, artwork or carved in stone.  21st century learners have been equipped with the technology to archive stories through a digital format as well as share through social media.  This project enables students to summarize the science knowledge they have discovered through the course and mobilize it in a digital form.  Students were encouraged to incorporate their own knowledge, culture and ideas in the story and format.  They were also told to choose an audience that would benefit from the science knowledge presented.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 6.43.45 PM


Some students chose to present to Hip Hop culture with whiteboard videos, others filmed in Tamil to address new immigrants regarding medical imaging and what they will expect here in Canada. Some felt comics were the best way to present what they learned and keep it interesting for the audience members and others posted monologues to YouTube.

Example of Student Work

This also enabled us to enter the #ScienceGenius contest with Dr Chris Emdin, The Gza and PBS News Hour #HipHopEd









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