#HipHopEd AfterChat Live From #SXSWedu #HarlemFake #HarlemShake

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@amilcook @chrisemdin @tdj6899 @raptjr @doc_scottb @husslington and me @brandonzoras

Thank you all for the great #HipHopEd chat discussing Harlem Fake / Shake and the co-opting knowledge.

For my part in the talk skip to 17 min mark! 🙂

Video recorded by Amil Cook


One response to “#HipHopEd AfterChat Live From #SXSWedu #HarlemFake #HarlemShake”

  1. Judy says :

    I say to the mainstream peeps out there, stop stealing sub-cultural activities and/or appropriate them. Get some stylz of your own!

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