5 Steps to Overhaul Teaching – Chris Emdin #HipHopEd #HipHopEdTO

Amazing video by my ‘online’ mentor: Chris Emdin.  I have been following his work from his book, TED Talks, Twitter, piece on Harlem Fake and work with Wu Tang to integrate Hip Hop and Science together!

I recommend the links above to see the great work he is doing.  We need dedicated individuals to find alternative ways to increase student engagement and success.


One response to “5 Steps to Overhaul Teaching – Chris Emdin #HipHopEd #HipHopEdTO”

  1. Judy says :

    Yes, a student centered engagement should be addressed and practiced. Additionally, there needs to be extra help and funding for those students who can’t learn the alternative ways. Teachers need help in the classroom such as less students in the classrooms so the teacher can spend more time on lessons. The teaching model is one size fits all. Empirically research shows most boys score lower in Mathematics and girls who live in poverty score low as well.

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