TDSB STEM Showcase: Using VROC and Video Calls for #STEM Learning

Friday was a great day of STEM learning! It goes to show how many awesome, dedicated and willing to share teachers there are in the TDSB. With the hard work of the STEM central team the day was a success! To get a better understanding of STEM we need to define it and how it will work for our board. We can not just use the definition used in the United States but one that works for us. The team centrally has come up with a definition which I really like:

“STEM is a trans-disciplinary approach to inquiry and problem-based learning that fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation in all students.” – TDSB STEM launch 2014


Antonio, Anne, Stacey and Brandon speaking about VROC

Antonio, Anne, Stacey and Brandon speaking about VROC (from left to right)

I wanted to look at ways to get students thinking of STEM careers. I have been using VROC for the last few years. VROC has been growing and have a huge variety of researchers from STEM careers. You can find traditional scientists in all the fields but also math, architecture, engineering, and technology fields. It is great way for students to hear first hand about careers in STEM, what research is new and how those scientists work together across disciplines.

My folder with resources is here: FOLDER

My one page information sheet is here: One Pager

Prezi for the day: PREZI 

Resources from the presenters can be found here:
Click on the presenters name to gain access to a Google doc with their Google drive folder.

Sign up now for VROC:



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