Hip Hop Education comes to OISE #HipHopEd #Digitalstorytelling

Today I had the pleasure to present and run a breakout session at OISE as part of the Rhymes to Re-Education session.

Conference: OISE Educating for Peace and Justice: Action for Safe & Equitable Classrooms, Schools & Communities

With an amazing group of individuals we went through a lesson involving graffiti, spoken work / rap and digital storytelling.  In a super short 25 minutes the groups were able to make awesome videos that included graffiti brainstorm on peace and justice with selecting music that goes to their theme.  Although we didn’t have time to add our rap / spoken word to the piece they turned out great.  To use this example in your class download the handout below (or here Rhymes to Reeducation handout)

Gr0up 1:

video by: Ina, Sam and Daniella
Music – instrumental Juicy – Notorious BIG


Gr0up 2:

video by: TBA (group email me your names!)
Music – It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube

See Handout for the lesson below:

Rhymes to Reeducation handout

Below is my sample that I shared with the group.  I find if you want students to do a task you need to model it and step outside of your comfort zone.  My piece below is a spoken word and photos of my subway ride to school.  If we think of the journey our students make to school what are they thinking?  As a teacher I often get caught up in the content of school, so I may have 30 students enter and I am thinking all 30 are ready to learn science that morning.  But are they ready? are they focused on their next meal? A fight at home? an issue in the community? My piece reflects the thoughts I had going to school Friday and the recent murders of Abshir Hassan, a teacher trying to make the community better and Hamid Aminzada, killed at school trying to better himself with an education.  Heartbreaking and senseless.


For more resources follow:








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