ESL and BitStrips Digital Lesson on Conflict

ESL and BitStrips Digital Lesson on Conflict

Testing something out for the summer! Would love people’s feedback and for people to use this lesson!


2 responses to “ESL and BitStrips Digital Lesson on Conflict”

  1. smoskovitz says :

    This is a great lesson for teachers. I love bitstrips for all students. Maybe instead of those sheets we use to do after a conflict we could get kids to create a comic and work out their problems. I know my students would benefit more from this. Also with the new generation of kids coming up they seem to express themselves more on the computer then in person.
    What an awesome lesson thanks for sharing!! Will definite try this next year!

  2. Mr. Zoras says :

    Thanks so much!!! Yes I think it is a great way to express themselves and talk about situations and outcomes! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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