The launch of Rhymes To Re-Education #HipHopEd

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What a great event!  The launch was everything a strong community event could ask for! The community was there! The change makers, community works, teachers, board employees, librarians and even the trustee and superintendent came out to support the launch.

Mahlikah acknowledged the land in which we learn and grow together on.  Toronto being the meeting place where this resource and learning has taken place.  In Hip Hop the DJ and the beat is considered the root.  The drum is the root for people, mother, and Earth as they have the same root word. We hear the drum we are hearing the heartbeat of our mother the Earth.  – Mahlikah


Ramon introduced Motion and J-Rebel to kick off the event with a demonstration of the art of MC’ing and Break Dancing while DJ Power laid down the beat.  The vibe in the room was contagious and sense of strength resonated through the room.  Ramon discussed with high energy the journey we took to get to the resource.  He acknowledged the communities already using Hip Hop and how it has been happening.  Ramon put a call out to the cypher to have artists and educators all together to create the hip hop curriculum.


Moose from Success Beyond Limits presented an amazing spoken word piece in the space.  It is youth like Moose that we want to engage in our systems and empower them to continue the amazing things they are doing for the community and be proud.


The rest of the evening was a huge success with so many great people from the community coming together with the sounds of hip hop in the background.  Seeing so many people who care so much for the youth in our city was amazing.  There were people from all walks and all occupations in the space.  Hosting it in the Yorkwoods library just one block down from Jane and Finch was important.  To bring these successes and celebrations into the community where the youth are from is imperative.

The journey of myself as one of the teachers in the TDSB writing and working together with artists to give lesson feedback has been amazing.  I have learned so much from the community educators and artists and made new bonds.  It has also reinforced, not that I have ever doubted myself, that teaching students in urban areas is what I love to do.  Coming together to meet at Lawrence Heights Community Centre and working together to make a difference for youth is something I love to do.  It is important to acknowledge that learning by teachers and by youth doesn’t have to take place in classrooms in schools but also in the community.  At the same time the learning youth do in community needs to be acknowledged and happening in the classroom as well. I am proud to be part of the TDSB and being supported by them to be a part of this resource.

Thank you to all the amazing authors and for the amazing experience that will be on going.   Below is the list of all the people involved in the project!  Special shout out to Ramon who organized and brought everyone together!  He is a huge role model to me.


Ramon “Rugged” San Vicente


Karen Murray Itah Sadu


Nigel Bariffe
Karen Murray
Amanda Parris
Ramon “Rugged” San Vicente


Wendy “Motion” Brathwaite
Roderick “RAHD” Brereton
Joseph “Joe G” Galiwango
Alison Gaymes San Vicente
Duane “D.O.” Gibson
Joseph “J Rebel” Hersco
Dalton Higgins
Danielle “Yelly” Koehler
Tesfai Mengesha
Jelani “J Wyze” Nias
Amanda Parris
Ramon “Rugged” San Vicente
Chelsea Takalo
Braxton “HiPPYxHop” Wignall
Brandon Zoras

Youth Writing Team

Luis “SPIN” Mejicano (Youth Coordinator) Kenny “Nii Soja” Adjetey
Shukri Dualeh
Trae Maxam
Aaleem Mohammed
Gazariah Morrison
Patricia Ghany
Cenzi Stilos


Director: Subliminal (Sean Mauricette)
Clairmont II Humphrey
Janeel Marshall
Trae Maxam


Nigel Bariffe
Akir Brathwaite CaveMan
Catherine Draper
Sameena Eidoo
Paul Green
Abshir Hassan
Clairmont II Humphrey
Nigel Hunter
Cade John
Salima Kassam
Teenat Khan
Janeel Marshall
Trae Maxam
Luis “SPIN” Mejicano
Gazariha Morrison
Lashawn Murray
Kenny “Nii Soja” Adjetey
Robin Phillips
Sharron Rosen
Itah Sadu
Moziah San Vicente
Nyelah San Vicente
Sojourner San Vicente
Subliminal (Sean Mauricette)





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