Introducing Scientists My Students Can Relate To #Equity #Science

Starting at a new school I wanted to get some decorations up in my new classroom. I had some leftover posters and diagrams to turn a bare classroom into a science room.  More importantly I wanted the students to feel that they all can be scientists.  I wanted to show scientists from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that made big discoveries. I started my search on Google for scientists and compiled a small collection that represent my students in terms of background, ability, familial setting, socioeconomic status, etc. We simply can not just present student X with a scientist that was born in the same country as them and walk away expecting something meaningful. They may not have any connection with that scientist and may be more inspired by another scientist from a different country but may share some other commonalities.  By having these posters up all year for students to read when they walk by, or discuss will transform the norm of a Eurocentric view of science and show the contributions across the globe towards science as a whole.

Please feel free to comment on scientists you feel should be included

FYI all information is copied from the source listed by each person and not my own writing.

Download here: famous scientists


4 responses to “Introducing Scientists My Students Can Relate To #Equity #Science”

  1. mark steel says :

    Here are some current scientific minds living and working in Toronto:

  2. Carolyn says :

    Hi Brandon,
    Hope all is well with you.
    Alan Turing – is he on your list of scientists? He represents a scientist from the LGBT community – google his name for details.
    Take care

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