Let’s Talk Hip Hop Participant Info

Hello All!

I am very excited about our up and coming event on Hip Hop Education. We have only 2 spaces left!

The evening is designed to be open, free flowing and allow for maximum participation and networking. We will have a very brief opening by myself (Brandon), a short introduction by Sam Seidel followed by Joseph (JRebel) and Sun speaking about their program Don’t Believe the Hype and then we will start into the conversation!

Before the event please check out Sam Seidel’s Video vimeo.com/22591307
His book will be on sale at the event (Pricing TBA I believe it is $25)

I have included a small sample of academic journals on Hip Hop education below for those looking for a more academic background.


I do not have all community resource links. Here is a Google doc for those who want to view more Hip Hop Education links. I have it set to be able to edit, so please just add to the bottom of the list any great sites, programs, information about related to Hip Hop Education, especially here in Toronto.


We are asking those attending to fill in the following Google form. It will give us a better idea of who will be in the house next week. I would like to share your name and email with the entire group so we can keep the connections going. I will only share your name and email if you fill in the email section below. If you do want to share your name and email please include it. If you do not want to share please fill in the form but leave your email blank and I will not include you. After the event I will email only those indicating a master list of names, occupations/associations, emails to those who would like.

Excited to meet you all!




One response to “Let’s Talk Hip Hop Participant Info”

  1. Korry Deez says :

    I am a musician that can help bridge the gap between the teachers/educators and students through my experiences and triumphs. I am a musician, writer, producer from the juno nominated group IRS and hip hop mega crew Monolith. I would love to help out, thanks.

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