Hip Hop Education: Getting Real III Hip-Hop Pedagogy #HipHopEd

I have been following Chris Emdin since my thesis on urban boys and science.  I have found my way to the other researchers and Sam Seidel who’s book is being shipped to me as we speak!  I was intrigued when I first heard the research on integrating hip hop into education, as well as education into hip hop.  I think both fields have a lot to learn from each other, even though hip hop has only been around a small fraction of the time education has.  For those who just think its about rapping the periodic table, you couldn’t be further from the truth.  It is culture, a way of life, an existence for many of our students.  From participating in #HipHopEd chats on Twitter, to reading scholarly articles and books, I see Hip Hop Education as a way to increase engagement, build community and keep students in school!    

I am hoping Toronto can get on the Hop Hop Education scene as hip hop is happening right now in our community.  It happens after school, at programs like the Remix Project, and even I seen a kid at the Apple Store using garage band, recording a song in the store.   It needs to be happening formally in higher education, school boards and used as a pedagogical tool in our classrooms.

This series on hip hop education is amazing and throwing all the talks from the series all in one place.

Check These Sites Out




All Videos from IUME’s YouTube Channel



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