Time to Give Back to OUR Community – Get Involved! #scarborough #danzig

A couple weeks ago I was at a Wal-Mart and 2 TTC volunteers were outside with a bus, collecting toys as part of the “Stuff the Bus” campaign .  The toys go to Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness.  It is a great feeling during the holidays to provide for those, that little extra, that may not be afforded by families.  It is great seeing the TTC helping out! Why not make that front page news article?  We need more good news and positive stories from our communities.

stuff the bus Stuff the bus toys

I was driving by my dad’s place near Morningside and passing by Danzig.  After the shootingsthat took place over the summer, donations and initiatives started coming in.  I was teaching in Taiwan when I heard about it, and it was a teacher from Taiwan who was reading the world news who told me. I told him I live a 5 minute drive from there.  They asked me how dangerous Toronto was? they asked how I could teach “these” students?  I told him I love where I teach, I love who I teach, I love my community and the only thing I would change is to provide more opportunity for the youth.   

I saw three TTC buses, police and Toronto Community Housing cars stopped at the intersection.  Police officers were unloading presents from the buses along with TTC and TCH staff.  They were walking to the town homes and community housing that line Morningside from Lawrence down to Danzig.  It is great to see Police, TTC, TCH getting involved with the community and lending a hand.  I was very happy to see this.  This act though should be a sustaining process, not just a band aid solution, and one that is about prevention instead of damage control.  I would like to see, for my community, youth given opportunity to engage, have say and make change in their own community.  Great organizations from Pathways, Store Front, Boys and Girls Club, and City of Toronto need to work together with community youth and continue to do great work. 

We are all busy with our lives, and we all have our own interests.  My hope though is that if everyone could pick just one way (or more) to get involved, give back, and support a cause.  Donations of presents, money, or time are all ways to make a difference.  Here is a link of some places in Toronto / Scarborough to get involved. 

 All have a donation link or volunteer section:

 The following three I have seen the positive work first hand in Scarborough/Toronto with my students and the community. 

 Pathways to Education

Store Front

 East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club

 Other great ways!



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