Dementia Researcher Visits Cedarbrae C.I. Virtually with VROC #TDSB #STEM #URBANED #SCIED

VROC (Virtual Researcher On Call) featured my class on their blog

See here:

Dr. Kontos,

Thank you so much for the session today with Cedarbrae C.I., Toronto (TDSB).  You shared so much of your work and experience with the students.  They were amazed at how life can change with dementia.  They were very shocked at the stigma and how the lives and families are affected by this diseases.  The students really understood when you said the patients “lose what defines them as a human being.”  They liked hearing about the different non-pharmacological therapies and strategies that are being used.  They felt it is important to improve the care of the patients by training the practitioners like you do in your work.  Many of the students are close to their grandparents and would expect proper care for them.  We talked after about the vulnerability of the patients and the importance of treating them with dignity.

We really enjoyed watching the Alive Inside documentary you recommended and many of the students felt a strong connection with their own family members.  The session opened their eyes to many career options in science and healthcare.  They also made the connection with another researcher we chatted with earlier, about grant money and how important it is for research.  We discussed the structure of different universities and how researchers can teach, research and apply for grants all part of the job.

Thank you very much for taking time our of your day for us!  It was a very valuable and eye opening experience for our grade 10 science class and a perfect way to end our biology unit.

Thank you

Brandon Zoras and Cedarbrae C.I. Grade 10 Science Class

See Alive Inside Documentary Below


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