Bit Strips


All Ontario teachers have access to  This is one amazing tool that engages students and has a perfect place in the science classroom as well.  We have a class set of netbooks that our school can sign out and use in our class.  A great way to start off is with safety and Bit Strips has built in lessons you can assign to classes.  It


took under 10 minutes to set up a class and my personalized avatar and one class period for the students to create themselves as well as make a comic on safety.  This is a great tool that can be used in other classes or


projects as well.  This is also a great form of expression for students where they can look into social justice issues and express feelings and really put themselves in another person’s shoes by building dialogue.  Story telling can be used in all classes and for all grade levels.  I will use this tool in my other classes as it’s not the end of the day and both my grade 9 applied and academic really loved the activity.  They had really meaningful posters with science lab safety guidelines that we could download, put on our class website and print out. 



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